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Positive Behavior Support

Bionic 5 – Students who are caught being “Bionic” can be nominated for the Bionic 5. The staff member writes their name on a “Caught Ya’ Being Bionic” slip and circles which of our 5 school-wide expectations the student was demonstrating. The slips are collected each week and on the following Monday, 5 names are drawn from the barrel. These 5 winners have their pictures displayed in the main hallway, are given a snack from the snack machine, and an award to take home. At the end of the 9 weeks, all students where were given a “Caught Ya’ Being Bionic” slip are invited to the Bionic Boogie – a sock hop at the end of the school day.

Bionic Boards- Each class is given a Bionic Board. Whenever the teacher feels the whole class is being Bionic, he/she asks a student to chose a number and they color in that square on the board. When the class fills in a row, they get a reward chosen by the class and teacher. When the class fills in the whole board, they get to color in one square on the School’s Board. When the entire school’s board is complete, everyone in the school will earn extra recess and an ice cream treat!

No Tardy Party – To help cut back on the amount of tardies that occur at our school, the students with no tardies to school or class are invited to the “No Tardy Party”. This is an extended recess with a snack.